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A "Website As a Gift"?

...What A Gift!

At W.A.G. we provide personal Websites ("Wagsites") as Gifts.

Unique Gift ideas, from W.A.G.

Birthday, Anniversary, Love & Romance,
Graduation, Business gifts. Whatever the occasion.
If you've run out of ideas. We have the answer.


If so...

Lets WAG

Are you a "Wagger"or a "Waggee"..?
If you're a wannabee "Waggee"... (You should tell someone that loves you) and leave NOW!!

"Wagger's" should click here..A Daisy9...Take a look and place your order Now.

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A personalised WAGsite for as little as 17.50!

No payment is required until the "WAGSITE" is "Live".

Your WAGsite can be available within 24 hours if required,
however seven days notice is preferable.

Order Now

Commercial Web-Sites also available

To contact us, click here, or

fax us on +44 020 8699 8288

Or post information to WAG
P.O. Box 24925
SE23 3WT
(Postage Paid by WAG)

+44 020 8291 7453
We will be glad to help.